Precursore dei Destination Wedding Planner, Elisa ha sviluppato la sua idea dapprima nella sua terra, la Sardegna, per poi avviare un processo di profonda conoscenza del territorio Italiano e delle peculiarità regionali, costruendo una rete di collaborazione nata con la fondazione di Elisa Mocci Academy, scuola di formazione professionale per wedding ed event managers d’eccellenza.

L’idea imprenditoriale a cui deve la nascita Elisa Mocci Events fu quella, dieci anni fa, di

Elisa Mocci, today one of the most influential signatures of the "Destination Wedding" in Italy, comes to the world of Wedding Planning in 2008, following a solid training in theatre, music and literature, and a courageous intuition: becoming the first professional in the wedding field in Sardinia.

Nowadays, she carries out her profession throughout Italy and the world as a Luxury and Destination Wedding Planner, obtaining over the years precious awards, such as ranking in the Top 5 of Italy for ELLE Spose and among the 80 Best Destination WP of the World for QNA International, recently named the “Biggest in Italy” by Business Insider - La Repubblica.

She has been twice Speaker at the most renowned Wedding Business Summit in the world, Engage!, and her book Wedding Staff - dedicated to the training of the Excellent Team - is a revolutionary book in Italy, becoming a milestone for those who dream to be a Wedding Planner.

Elisa’s Team is composed of highly creative, efficient and passionate personalities, with a solid and continuous international training.

Precursor of the Destination Wedding Planners, Elisa developed her idea initially in her land, Sardinia, and then started deepening her knowledge of the Italian territory and of the regional peculiarities, building a network of collaborations born with the foundation of Elisa Mocci Events Academy, professional training school for wedding and event managers.

The entrepreneurial idea that gave birth to ELISA MOCCI EVENTS was about, ten years ago, to

“bring the theatre out of the theatre”

Elisa’s artistic training began at the age of three with piano studies, continuing for classical and musical studies between the Conservatory (piano and lyric singing) and high school. Here Elisa developed her passion for theatre, taking part in various companies of Lyrica and Musicals, among several important stages in Europe.

Such passion was inherited by her Neapolitan greatgrandfathers: the first conductor at Teatro San Carlo, the other one first clarinet.
Between Sardinia and Naples Elisa spent almost two years of her teenage life, studying theatre.
While attending University in Rome, she became passionate about the "behind the scenes” life, and at the age of 20, after winning a prize during "Who wants to be a millionaire?," she decided to launch her entrepreneurial idea: bring, in fact, the "Theatre outside the theatre".

In other words, finding the way to make spectacular a real life moment, where the emotion is real, where the scenographer played a major role in the beauty of the event, and the director was the one who handled this project with skill and technique. She was one of the first Wedding Planner in Italy, a profession Elisa chose to decline with a broader vision, bringing people to unique, untainted places, out of the classic canons of marriage.

Celebrating her weddings in archaeological sites, vintage sailing ships, the very first legal marriages on the beach, in ruined castles or wild forests. Nature has become the theatre that has welcomed scenographies, and the starry sky is the most exciting special effect.


Now, to celebrate this 10th anniversary, Elisa has only one desire: coming back to the theatre and paying tribute to it, bringing with her all the skills, experiences and excellences that have made her what she has become on the Italian and international scene, in order to celebrate a new start, a growth, a new beginning.

She found, too, the courage to tell another story, a very intimate one, with the strong desire to help other people to be inspired and to find the courage to break the silence and grab the opportunities life offers us.

«A story about love» is a leitmotiv that wants to invite others to action, to deepening, to curiosity. An aggregator of dreams, a proud affiliation to a unique project created by the alliance of ideas and people who have the courage to dream.


We teach to believe in emotions, bringing the places of our imagination into a real scenography. We learn to build this set design, we learn to listen to others and ourselves through the freedom to be DIFFERENT and SPECIAL in being normally UNIQUE. We learn from uncommon and unexpected places that beauty resides in the history of the place, and lives in the idea of thinking and adapting them.